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Shiva - The Eternal Joy

Shiva - The Eternal Joy

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The image of Lord Shiva has been romanticized over centuries by historians and devotees alike. With ash-smeared skin, a tiger skin loincloth, a crescent moon on his forehead, matted hair from which the Ganga flows, and a trident in hand, Shiva captivates the imagination. His cosmic dance, third eye, azure neck adorned with snakes, and countless evocative attributes have inspired awe and curiosity. Shiva's 1008 names reflect his infinite and versatile nature, revealing his unknowable mysteries and composite existence. Beyond description or definition, Shiva can only be truly experienced.

This book compiles Gurudev’s insightful commentaries on Shiva and His worship, appealing to both the rational and devotional. It aims to move readers beyond abstract conceptions and reveal the vibrant, all-encompassing reality of Shiva.


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