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Sattva The Ayurvedic Cook Book - Kaushani Desai

Sattva The Ayurvedic Cook Book - Kaushani Desai

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'Easy Ayurvedic Recipes' by Kaushani Desai simplifies the ancient science of Ayurveda into practical, easy-to-follow recipes. With a focus on eating right for good health and longevity, this book offers pure vegetarian and nutritious dishes. Through Ayurvedic cooking methods, readers learn to support healing and restore balance in the body, mind, and soul. Each recipe, cooked with love and attention, promises wholesomeness, taste and heartiness. Whether from India or around the world, this fabulous collection of dishes is a must-have for those seeking a healthy and harmonious lifestyle.

About the Author
Kaushani Desai, a full-time Art of Living teacher since 2006, specializes in Ayurvedic Cooking. With a childhood passion for cooking, she honed her skills alongside her mother. After earning a degree in food and nutrition from SNDT University, Mumbai in 2004, Kaushani has traveled worldwide, teaching vegetarian sattvic Ayurvedic cooking. Her expertise spans numerous countries, including India, Pakistan, UAE, South Africa, Russia, and Indonesia.

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