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Power of Love - English

Power of Love - English

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This treasure trove from the Art of Living warehouse is a collection of talks by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar that explores the importance of love in life in his trademark spiritual way. Gurudev says that where you cannot win arguments by force, you can succeed with love. Duress only leads to loss. The victory is hollow. On the other hand, you can win people’s hearts with love for love conquers everything – ego, hatred, weakness, anxiety, and uncertainty. Victory in this manner is satisfying, and leads to a win-win situation for all. Have you thought of yourself as just a small speck in the universe with little power? In fact, every act of yours, whether it is your speech, thought or breath, impacts the very functioning of the cosmos. So, it is important to radiate positivity. Your good thoughts, wishes, and warm words can be a carrier of peace and good vibrations. If you have nothing positive to give or say, it is better to be empty as love can, actually, fill that space. Endless love will, definitely, fill you, sooner or later. Gurudev says that love of the ignorant is harmful, while even anger of the wise is good. It is wisdom, along with love, that can help you achieve success. To achieve emotional strength, you need truth and love. There is strength in peace, in calmness and in love. This simple message is conveyed with a silent and innate power that is overpowering. It is because the power of love is so subtle, you almost fail to notice its presence or even existence. Yet, it moves the world. All you need to do is realize it.

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