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Krishna: The Absolute Joy - English

Krishna: The Absolute Joy - English

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“There’s a fullness in Krishna There’s a totality in Krishna Krishna is the symbol of all possibilities He is the total blossoming of all aspects-human and divine.” Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Krishna is absolute joy, absolute bliss. Nothing whatsoever could take away joy from Krishna. However if you look at his life, it was miserable throughout. But his presence was a sheer delight wherever he went. In Vrindavan, the gopis could never get enough of him. He used to break their water pots, hide their clothes, steal butter and curd from their kitchens but upon meeting him they just couldn’t stop laughing and smiling. Such was the joy his sheer presence could invoke. He was happy eating the puffed rice that his poor friend Sudama would bring to school. Joy enveloped the city of Mathura when he slew the evil king Kansa, who was also his maternal uncle. Dwarka was his kingdom where happiness and fun ruled. He was a perfect combination of wisdom, love, laughter and silence. Everything he did has such deep symbolism which only a true master can reveal. The crown he wore was just a peacock feather symbolizing lightness. You don’t shirk your responsibility but you carry it lightly on your shoulder. His flute emitted the most entrancing notes because it was hollow and empty. Vrindavan could never get enough of it. His dance atop the dreaded snake Kalia represents awareness which if not controlled by Krishna (joy or bliss) will only bring anger and irritation. Such rare insights pepper this book by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

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