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Jaya - The Real Game, Real Heroes

Jaya - The Real Game, Real Heroes

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Idea of the Game: Inspired by Vyasa's greatest epic ever Mahabharata, 'Jaya-The Real Game, Real Heroes' is a standalone Board Game for 2 to 5 players. In Jaya-The Real Game, Real Heroes, each player takes the role of one of five Pandava brothers and enacts their legendary life.
In Gurukula episode, you master the skills (of Shastra and Shaastras), escape the death traps of Kauravas. In Indraprasta episode, you will be cheated into accepting a dense forest Khandavaprasta as your kingdom as part of lineage. You have to perform Khandava Dahana and Rajasuya to establish and expand your kingdom. Barren land called Khandavaprasta is turned into a magnificent Indra Prasta. At this stage you will be lured into a round of dice game (Chausar / Dyut). You are destined to lose the game and your kingdom. As per the terms of the game, you will also be sent on exile to forest for 13 years. The journey during exile (Vanavasa episode) is more dangerous and adventurous in nature. You need to kill Rakshasas and rescue the innocent. You make allies through the journey and collect special weapons from your spiritual fathers.
In Kurukshetra episode, you wage a war against Kauravas to reclaim the rightful land of yours. Once finishing all the 4 episodes, if you have won enough number of battles, Brotherhood (Pandavas) will be declared as winners.
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