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Guru Gita with Bhanu Didi

Guru Gita with Bhanu Didi

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Learn Guru Gita Chanting with Bhanu Didi!

About Guru Gita

The Guru Gita is an ancient scripture in which Lord Shiva expounds on the greatness of the Guru in response to Goddess Parvati's query.
During the sessions, the meaning of the verses will be explained, and Guru stories will be shared. 

This online discourse is structured into 3 sessions, each spanning between 50 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging experience.

Where to watch these premiered sessions?

On the Art Of Living App

How to Watch?
After you complete the purchase here, open The Art of Living App and click on Guru Gita to watch.

Happy to Help:


Whatsapp/Phone: +91 80500 75455

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Customer Reviews

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Bharat Lakhisvani
Its Amazing.

Its so amazing 🌷👌🌿🌻 to know our Guru Parampara in so simple and easy way. Its make me feel me so fortunate. So lucky. That I am on these beautiful Path. Shown our Guru's...🙏🌿🌻⚘️🌷🌼