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Awakening - English

Awakening - English

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Am I awake? If not, does it mean that I am asleep?

How is an awakened consciousness unique?

These questions are essential for a sincere seeker. Asking these questions is the first sign of awakening.

This book is dedicated to uncovering the mystery of awakening by knowing the seven levels of your existence. If provides a clear, simple and effective structure for self realization. At each level, a series of exercises and guided mediatations assist you to transform you reading into an existential experience.

Read, Practice, Engage, Wake-up...

"The book offers a well- built method, order, logic. and keys to alife of inner freedom."Prof. Rafi Carraso, Director,

Complementary Medicine Clinic. "After reading the book, I waited for my husband to return home from work. We at dinner and read it again, together in bed, until 4 am in the morning. It was the best marriage counselling we ever had." Sara Reshef, a traveller on the spiritual path

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