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Navratri - All Homas Webcast

Navratri - All Homas Webcast

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Event Dates : 20th - 23rd Oct
Where to Watch: Online and on The Art of Living App.
For any queries Whatsapp or Call : 80500 75455

The much-awaited Navrati pujas are being celebrated with Gurudev at the Bangalore Ashram. All those who can’t make it to the Ashram can join the homas
online, from the comfort of their home. Get ready for a super festive vibe this season of the year. So register at the earliest and get into the Navratri mood!

The Homas

Given to us by our ancient rishis, homas or the scared fire ritual is performed in the presence of the fire element, Agni and forms of the divine are invoked by the power of mantras and an intention (sankalpa) to create the desired effect in our lives. Register at the earliest to enjoy the Homas!

Sri Maha Ganapati Homa

Being the remover of obstacles, the giver of siddhi and buddhi, the first prayer before any auspicious occasion or new venture is always offered to Ganapati, the elephant-headed son of Shiva & Parvati. Get ready to receive the vighnaharta & his mushak at home on the Sri Maha Ganapati Homa. 

Sri Navagraha Homa

According to Vedic astrology the Sun, Moons, Mars  (Mangal), and Mercury (Buddh). Jupiter (Guru), Venus (Shukra),  Saturn (Shani), Rahu & Ketu are the nine planets that influence all that exists on the planet. Sometimes the effect is positive & beneficial and at other times troublesome. The Sri Navagraha Homa helps to pacify the troublesome ones and strengthen the benevolent ones by increasing their positive influence. Register online to participate in the Sri Navagraha Homa from home. 

Sri Maha Rudra Homa

Rudra, the one who controls the celestial spheres and time & space, is also the bestower of material & spiritual wealth. The Sri Rudram is a powerful chant that cleanses the spiritual system of a devotee helping him overcome physical, mental & emotional barriers. Get ready to welcome Rudra, the crier, home.

Sri Maha Sudarshan Homa

Named after Lord Vishnu’s mighty Sudarshan Chakra, the Sri Sudarshan Homa, like the powerful Chakra, cuts through Pida, pain and Paap, sins. It blesses us with the right vision, removes confusion and offers us a life overflowing with knowledge.

Shatchandi Homa

The chanting of the 700 verses of the Durga Saptashati & Gurudev’s abhishekham are what makes the Shatchandi Homa the pinnacle of the Navratris. Register online  today to watch the home LIVE & to bring into your home the blessings of the Mother Divine. 

Sri Rishi Homa

Sri Rishi Homa pays homage to the Guruparampara, the lineage of Masters, the Rishis and Rishi Patnis, who received and preserved the divine knowledge for posterity. Register online to watch the Sri Rishi Homa LIVE. 

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