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Katopanishad Part I - Hindi

Katopanishad Part I - Hindi

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Katopanishad tells the story of young Nachiketa who goes to face the Lord of death and the extraordinary dialogue that follows. One of the highest spiritual texts, with layers of metaphors embedded therein, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar takes us through this beautiful story turning abstract philosophy into practical understanding.

The fascinating conversation between Nachiketa, a young 10-year old and Yamaraj, the Lord of Death, is the Katopnishad. Despite being the only certainty in life, scared, awed, accepting, resigned to are various reactions people have to death. Most of our scriptures have spoken about it because the ancients regarded it with utmost respect. Is it really something to be scared of? If you knew that you’re going to be no more tomorrow wouldn’t you live life to its brim? The awareness of death makes you more alive. It can take the slumber out of you and bring heaven right there. But you have to have a master, a true Guru who can make you experience it. With his usual wit and elan, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has gifted us this supreme knowledge in the simplest of words. Become Nachiketa, innocent, childlike and open, to understand this unsurpassed text.

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