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Enlightenment - Hindi

Enlightenment - Hindi

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Coined by the west, enlightenment is a term that connotes to the state of liberation that has been attained by a few as recounted in scriptures of eastern religious philosophies. It is referred to as moksha in Hinduism, kevala jnana in Jainism, and bodhi in Buddhism.

While it may be referred to by different names, enlightenment remains as the ultimate blossoming of the human spirit. It is the beginning of a life less ordinary and supersedes the small mind of me, mine, likes and dislikes.

But, how is enlightenment attained?

Is practicing mindfulness or meditation for long hours the sure shot key to enlightenment? Or not?

Is it a spiritual awakening that can only be attained by a special few? Or is it a state that is accessible to all? Does the state guarantee eternal happiness or is that a myth?

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar takes you through the mysterious concept of enlightenment or self-realisation in his hallmark simplicity and gives ways on how the enigmatic state can be translated into experience.

The book is for anyone who is curious about this seemingly unattainable extraordinary state of mind or anyone dabbling on a spiritual path.

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