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Creation: Srishti Vignana - Tamil

Creation: Srishti Vignana - Tamil

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Among the first questions that strike us when we wear our inquisitive hats is the story of evolution. Don’t we all wonder: Where was the beginning? Where are we from? Who created the universe? And, finally, who created us? Modern studies and science conjecture, speculate, extrapolate and, in part, explain the Big Bang theory, human evolution and human history. Right from the beginning of civilization. This book goes one step further. It delves into the world that was before creation! Into the 4 yugas all the way up to the current yuga we live in – Kali Yuga. The questions that are constantly debated upon by the brilliant minds of the world are discussed here in a scientific and logical manner. How did we evolve? What do the civilizations around the world say? How do they describe the process of creation? And, how does it compare with the Indian perspective? Based on Indian scriptures, the book will, even, appeal to the agnostic, as the rationales used and questions raised are analyzed scientifically. If you wonder about life beyond the mundane and menial, here is a medium to think and understand the story of creation – the Indian way.


Publisher: Sri Sri Publications Trust

Author: Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Language: Tamil

Paperback: 132 pages

ISBN 10: 9380592343

ISBN 13: 978-9380592343

Item Weight: 200 grams

Dimensions: 21 x 14 x 1 cms

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Customer Reviews

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Prakash Raja
Srishti vignana- best book for ever

I thank authors to give clear view and analyse about creation...i refer this book to my friends also...and I have one suggestion to authors to please make tamil translation for understanding Shiva book will very usefull for who are all searching true..