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Autobiography of India - Breaking The Myths Combo

Autobiography of India - Breaking The Myths Combo

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Autobiography of India

It is about a land and its people, fashioned by Nature and their knowledge of it. It is about a civilization that has surfed through time with ethos and tradition. It is a Series, for; it is an endless story of a timeless civilization. It is a living story of a living civilization. Breaking The Myths Which is real? You or your mirror image? A mirror only shows what “It” sees. A mirror flips the real. A crooked mirror even distorts. A mirror in the path also blocks the view ahead. Myths too are like that. India’s image today is an aberration created by the myths thrust upon her in the last few centuries based on what others saw, thought, wrote and made of India. Would you not like to know about the real India, the real you? For that, these myths have to first be broken.

We will be “Breaking the Myths” in 4 steps through 4 volumes.

About Identity

Identity is beyond Id.
Identity lies in our roots.
Also is the root of our strength.
Little wonder, people crave for identity.
Learn of the biggest identity theft in all history.
Accomplished by a heap of lies, a mountain of myths.

About Society

A Civilization takes years to grow, step by step.
A child takes 3 steps to grow.
Towards mother for comfort, father for livelihood and teacher for knowledge.
The same 3 steps brought down India's social fabric.
They were steps taken to malign women, social order and education.
Take the first step to learn of the truth.

About Prosperity

How did India gain her riches?
How did India lose her riches?
How can India regain her riches?
There are many truths but more myths behind these questions.
Where lies the true picture,
between these two extremes?

About Ability

India was able to climb high as it had dared.
Dared to us its abilities sincerely.
Some have been able to stunt India as they had dared.
Dared to undermine its abilities with myths.
India will be able to rise only if Indians care to dare.
Dare to break the myths and learn to their abilities.

Breaking the Myths is a multi- volume book in the Autobiography of India Series from Bharath Gyan.

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