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Autobiography of India - Brand Bharat Combo

Autobiography of India - Brand Bharat Combo

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Autobiography of India

It is about a land and its people, fashioned by Nature and their knowledge of it. It is about a civilization that has surfed through time with ethos and tradition. It is a Series, for; it is an endless story of a timeless civilization. It is a living story of a living civilization. Brand Bharat this is a multi- volume book in the “Autobiography of India” Series from Bharath Gyan.

It is not about the commercial brands that pop up and shine forth, every few decades. It is about the timeless brands, by which India had been known and looked up to, for millennia. It is about the products, ideas and ideals, which this brand stood for. It is about how India had nurtured these brands, which in turn had placed India in the limelight, with prosperity and glory. It is about the millennia old, successful model of knowledge based living, for which this brand can be known once again.

This multi- volume book comprises of 5 volumes-

Made in India

Baharat for spices, was synonymous with Bharat.
Indigo for dye and Indienne for cloth, were synonymous with India.
Muhannad in Arabic and Ondanique in Latin, for steel, were synonymous with Hind.
Bharat, India, Hind stood for exotic products.
What all did India manufacture?
How did they reach the world?
Here is the "Made In India" story.

Roots in India

Knowledge comes to be only when it is "known".
Knowledge gets to live, only when it is shared.
India's name "Bharat" means, "to relish knowledge".
India knew knowlede.
India knew to relish and share knowledge.
So, what did this Bharat, i.e. India, share with the world?
Get to know the knowledge and practices, which have their "Roots in India".

Unique of India

What sets an Indian apart?
What is unique to India?
What are the icons of India?
What are the signs that one is in India?
Is there a science to these signs?
Or are they just designs?

The What? Why? When? & Where? Of that which is Unique to India!

Leads from India

When you inspire, set trend and create opinion, you become a brand, a leader.
India is a land that had not one, but many brands, which the world had craved for, was inspired by, had followed, had looked up to.
The essence of the overall brand called "Bharat", was "to lead".
What were the leads that Bharat had offered to the world?
Making sense of the essence of Brand Bharat, with "Leads From India".

Future from India

Bharat means to relish light- light of the Sun, light of knowledge.
True to her name Bharat, India had been radiating light of knowledge.
A radiance that enlightened the world and provided thought leadership.
India is every sencse of the word, had been a Giving civilization- giving both subtle knowledge as well as gross riches.
But this giving has stopped in the last few decades, since when, India has acquired an image of a Taking Civilization- Taking aid, science, technology, education, fashion, foods, good, ideologies, jobs, lifestyle,...
A leader does not Take. A leader Gives. A leader Shows by living his way.
What does India have to do, to get back to becoming a Giving Civilization once again?
To get back to becoming a thought leader once again!
To becoming a world leader once again!
A leading Brand once again!

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