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Ayodhya & India - Combo Pack

Ayodhya & India - Combo Pack

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The combo is an exclusive pack of 3 books by Amazing India

  1. Ayodhya War & Peace - English:  The book "Ayodhya War and Peace", traces the history of Ayodhya, one of the oldest cities in the world, continuously lived in, for 7100 years and more.
  2. Historical Rama:  Discover the antiquity and historicity of the legendary hero Rama and the events of Ramayana, along with one of the oldest surviving man-made structures of this world - THE NALA SETU.
  3. Ramayana in Lanka - English:  This book looks at the events of Ramayana from the land of Lanka. It takes us on a geographical and historical trail across Sri Lanka, to understand Ravana, his qualities, His kingdom, and his people better.


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